Sapphire Advertising Services

Eight Technologies has developed the Sapphire Advertising platform to improve our clients internet advertising. The Sapphire Ad can provide an advertiser with a way to get information to the targeted audience by using an audio button which delivers the message to the internet user no matter what platform they are using. The Sapphire Advertising platform is a must for companies and website owners wanting to reach mobile users as display ads are limited in the amount of information they can provide about a company, product or service. Eight Technologies is a technology company built to help our clients develop winning internet strategies. We offer the following services through Sapphire Advertising:

Marketing and Advertising Campaign Strategies

Eight Technologies has experienced internet marketing and advertising staff to guide clients through the development, implementation and follow up (analytics) to any advertising campaign they wish to build. Our team will work closely with you to build a strategy to reach the targeted audience which is key to your campaigns success. Whether you are looking to run a text link ad, display ad or Rich Media Ad campaign, contact Eight Technologies first to see what we can do for you.

Ad Design and Development

8tech has a team of graphic designers, content writers and ad developers who can make your advertisement stand out. With years of experience in internet advertisement design and development, our team will be sure to build advertisements your targeted audience will engage and interact with. Listening to the client and developing a campaign around your needs is our specialty.

8tech Ad Exchange

Eight Technologies has designed and built an ad exchange to bring together advertisers and publishers. The exchange is open to any publisher who would like to bid out ad space on their website. Advertisers can review publishers listings, bid on publishers ad spaces and list campaigns they wish to have reviewed by publishers.

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