What is a Sapphire Ad?

Eight Technologies has designed a new platform for Display and Text Link advertisements. A Sapphire Ad is any display ad or text link that has an audio button included to provide the advertisers audience with information about the company, product or service before clicking on the link and incurring a cost. The audio provides the internet user with information about the company, product or service that is better than text from the usual internet ad so the internet user is informed and more likely to convert when they go to the linked website in the display ad or text link. Here is an example from one of our client's display ads:

This is a 468x60 Banner with their logo, company name and the Sapphire button. It is easy to see how even a large banner like this can only display a small amount of information about the company and its product or service. But now with the Sapphire button added to the banner, the internet user can click the button and get information about the company, product or service without clicking the banner. The internet user can continue reviewing information on the webpage if they wish as well (multitask) and then click the banner if they choose to go to the website linked to the advertisement.

The Sapphire Ad can be set up and added to any website with ease. Eight Technologies has designed the ad server so the banners and text links are placed with publishers that get advertisers the best response. The Sapphire platform is also a must for those looking to advertise on mobile as most mobile display ads convey little information about the company, product or service. The Sapphire button can get a companies message across to the mobile internet user with audio information to improve an advertisers Click Through Rate (CTR), Cost per Click (CPC) and goal conversions.

In the sidebar is another example of a display ad that is a 160x600 banner using the Sapphire Button. The information displayed in text and images draw the internet user to the banner, the Sapphire button then provides a message to the internet user in a human voice so they feel someone is telling them directly about the company, product or service. Creating the audio files for the Sapphire Ad is free and easy to do. Just create an 8tech account by Clicking Here and follow the instructions on creating the audio file (online through our free website or by another service) and then login to the Sapphire site and upload your display ad. Follow the instructions for adding the audio file and saving the information. Once the information is saved for the campaign, you can click on our ad exchange and find publishers selling ad space. You can bid on the ad space and start your campaign once the bid is accepted by the publisher. It's that easy.

Your Sapphire account has analytics to track your campaign and see where the ads are working. Our experienced staff will assist you if you have any questions. Get started today and see what a difference the Sapphire Advertising platform can make on your websites conversions.