Sapphire Advertising

An Internet Advertising Platform that Works.

See and Hear the Sapphire Difference

How It Works

Informative, Interactive Advertising that Gets Results

The Sapphire Platform


The Sapphire Advertising platform was developed by Eight Technologies to help website owners improve their average cost per click and conversions. This is accomplished by:

  1. Improving web leads which reduces wasted clicks on your display ads.
  2. Increasing conversions with qualified leads.
  3. Producing dynamic internet advertising with in-depth analytics.
  4. Reaching the mobile user with internet advertising they can use.


The Sapphire Advertising platform is a unique system that allows our publishers to place quality advertisements on their websites. We work with leading advertisers to make sure you receive the best commissions in the industry. If you would like to become a Sapphire publisher, Click Here to register.

The Sapphire Difference

Providing your audience with the information they need to make a decision on whether to click on your advertisement is what the Sapphire Advertising platform is all about. Create your Sapphire account and see how this dynamic advertising platform can improve your average cost per click, conversions and click through rates.

Rich Media Advertisements

Interactive Display and Text Ads

The Sapphire Advertising platform is designed to give our 8tech clients an advantage over other websites using traditional internet advertising. If you haven't created your free 8tech account Click Here. Once you have set up your free 8tech account you can use your 8tech username and password to login to your Sapphire account and start building your Sapphire Advertising campaigns.